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Assist in Developing Employable Youth.

Support the production, hosting, and certification of a World-Class Virtual Assistant Course.

"As much as we hope that things will change, that hope alone will not sustain families year in and year out."
- Anonymous -

Why This Course Exists

A study by Statista, a global leader in statistical analysis, estimated that the Youth Unemployment Rate has risen by 14% between 2002 and 2021. A total of 49,9% in 2021. According to Trading Economics, South Africa's Youth Unemployment Rate rose to 61% in the Fourth Quarter of 2022.

In February 2023, the Mail&Guardian further highlighted the increase of unemployed people to a whopping 7.8 million people. As much as one can hope for government and local business to create more jobs, 7.8 million jobs is just not possible in the current economic climate.

To help alleviate the unemployment crisis, I aim to place international career opportunities within reach for unemployed people of South Africa. With your support, I will be able to launch a World-Class Training Course by 31 July 2023. 

Why You Should Support!


Depending on your donation, you’ll gain free enrolment coupons which you could use yourself, or sponsor the education of your family, friends, or larger communities.

Tax Reduction

After you have donated, you will receive a receipt via email that you may use when submitting your taxes. Because it is a donation, you will not be liable for paying tax on this amount.


By supporting this course, you’ll contribute to the alleviation of unemployment by opening international job markets to those who successfully complete the course.

Here's What Students Will Learn

Your contribution will ensure that our youth gets access to a 12-month course with more than 90 in-depth lessons on:

Data Safety, Discretion, and Confidentiality
Inbox and Calendar Management
File and Storage Management
Time Management
Financial Tracking and Reporting
Project Planning, Management, and Budgeting
Effective Communication
Board Reporting
Meeting Planning and Management
Managing Video Conferencing
Creating Sign Up Forms
Writing Press Releases
Running Email Campaigns
Social Media Management
Creating Business Presentations
Managing Travel
Data Management
Professional Development

Here's What They'll Develop

Upon mastering of skills mentioned above, we will focus on creating a professional, personal brand for each student. We wil:

Develop a Personal Brand
Design résumés and CVs
Develop Solid LinkedIn Profiles
Design Personal Portfolio Websites
Write Compelling Cover Letters
Develop Online Freelancer Profiles

Donating Now

The typical price for the course will roughly be about R 950,00 upon launching on 31 July 2023.
By supporting today, you will receive enrolment coupons with much greater benefits to you and the people you’d like to support.

Support 1

R 100
  • Access for one (1) student,
    starting 31 July 2023
  • Personalized Enrolment Coupon
    Delivered to your Mailbox
  • Receipt for Tax Reduction

Support 15

R 500
  • Access for fifteen (15) student,
    starting 31 July 2023
  • Personalized Enrolment Coupon
    Delivered to your Mailbox
  • Receipt for Tax Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, thank you for your kind support. You will receive an email within the next 48 hours. The email will contain a Receipt you can use for tax purposes. Additionally, you will receive custom coupon codes which you can use to access training as from Monday, 31 July 2023.

Absolutely Not! Although the course is aimed at upskilling unemployed youth, the skills, tools, and AI technologies are relevant to almost every single person. The course is available to everyone, anywhere on earth.

Indeed! Content are aimed at absolute beginners, but the difficulty level of concepts and projects will gradually increase as you advance.

There are no entry requirements for this course. Although aimed at the youth, there is no age restrictions. If the skills taught can help you, you are free to enrol.

To gain a verifiable certificate and badge, a student will need access to a computer and internet facilities. This is required to complete the milestones and portfolio.

Typically, this is also the minimum requirements by international employers. So, having these already puts you one step closer to a job at an international organization.

With my background and understanding of work in the global market, I developed this curriculum to help as many young South Africans to gain the relevant experience to develop a portfolio that will impress international employers.

The curriculum contains in-demand, relevant, and entry-level skills and tools that employers are looking for. Besides building up a large skillset, you will receive a verifiable certificate and badge after submitting your portfolio for revision. If these are displayed on your résumé or LinkedIn profile, a potential employer, clicking to verify your credentials, will see a comprehensive overview of what you learned in the course.

It honestly depends on you. There is no deadline, and you can decide how much time you’ll spend on learning. If you are going to dedicate yourself fully to this developmental opportunity, you can expect to complete your portfolio and personal website within 3 months.

A student who completes the course, will have not only developed in-demand skills, but they would also have created eye-catching personal brands, résumés, LinkedIn profiles, personal websites and portfolio, and cover letters. 

Honestly, you can check similar courses with less than 30% of the content you’ll learn here for similar prices. Courses with about 3.5 hours of content are around R450. This course consists of more than 90 lessons, dedicated to in-demand and entry-level skills development. You will learn and develop a comprehensive portfolio, showcasing all your skills. The reason why it’s so cheap, is so that it can be accessible to unemployed youth across South Africa. The aim is to combat youth unemployment at an affordable cost.

You will only pay once to complete the entire course. There are some suggested paid products you could use, but they are completely optional.

They say, “all good things come to those who wait.” I’m kidding! The course is still in a developmental state, meaning that parts of the course is not suitable for consumption yet. By 31 July 2023, you will gain access to a World-Class Training Experience.

Unfortunately not. I guarantee that you’ll have the necessary skills to work as a Virtual or Executive Assistant, globally. I also guarantee that you’ll have a killer portfolio and résumé. But employers have their own sets of criteria related to the positions and their teams. Therefore, they will ultimately have the decision-making power about who they hire. Although I am confident that you’ll be able to perform the work of a VA, you’ll have to be confident that you’ll impress a hiring manager. Don’t worry though: There are modules on networking and interviewing. You’ll be ready and confident to step into any interview.

The best would be to go down to the message section of this page, and write your message there. Alternatively, you can send an email to hello@keenandaniels.com.

Support The Development of Young People

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